2011 Artist Alley


The cost for an Artist Alley Space (1/2 table) and one (1) Badge for the entire Florida Anime Experience event is $50.00 and can only be purchased online. These are listed on the site as “Artist Alley Packets”. No spaces will be available for purchase at the event.

Artist Alley Information
You will be notified of your table number and assignment 30 days prior to the even (at the latest.) Artist Alley packets containing badges and any other pertinent paperwork will be available for pickup beginning Friday, May 27, 2011 (time TBA). Packets must be retrieved and badges worn before you will be allowed to set up your table. No packets will be mailed for any reason.

Each artist will be allotted one half table and only one person per half table will be permitted. One artist alley form per person, per half table is required.

To qualify as an artist, you must be either selling commissions, prints, or other such artwork at your table. Cosplay accessories and wearable items, unless handcrafted by the artist present, are considered standard dealer wares and will not be allowed in the Artist Alley. Please keep in mind that the intention of the Artist Alley is to help aspiring artists get their names out and is meant to be fun for everyone.

Space is limited so it is mandatory that each artist share a table with another artist (2 people per table). Two can sit at one table quite comfortably. Any Representative groups, such as studios, are also only allowed one half-table each.

Various products of the artist’s creation are allowed to be sold, however there is no room for storage so please plan accordingly and only bring what you can handle.

All art work MUST be original to the artist selling it. Selling of prints or recreations of any other artists work will cause you to be dismissed from Artist Alley and your con admission will be revoked.

Small merchandise promoting the artist is allowed at the tables, but all of it must be original to the artist selling it. Commercial merchandise is not allowed. If you wish to sell commercial merchandise, then we suggest our Dealer’s Room.

No raffles, lotteries, or contests at Artist Alley tables.

No T-shirt presses allowed.

Music can be played at the tables, but for the comfort of surrounding artists please keep it to a reasonably low level so as not to disturb your neighbors or require people to shout over it.

All electronic devices and art must be contained to your side of the table.

The Florida Anime Experience will not provide electrical outlets for tables. If there are outlets near the tables, you may use them, however you must share or no one gets them.

Food and drinks are allowed at the tables (but may not be sold) as long as no evidence of it is left behind. Clean up after yourselves!

ALL artists in Artist Alley MUST have a badge to have a table for each day they are in attendance. Anyone who occupies a table and does not have a badge will be asked to leave the convention area of the hotel.

You may not sleep under your table in Artist Alley. The Convention is in a hotel; either get a room or go home.

Art tables are for artists. Please do not take up a table just so you have somewhere comfortable to hang out during the convention. (Artists, you may have a friend may sit with you to keep you company as long as they are not taking up someone else’s space.)

The Florida Anime Experience and/or it’s designee reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time for any reason.

Visitors to Artist Alley
A note to visitors of Artist Alley. Artists are not expected to watch your stuff for you. Please do not leave things at their tables expecting them to be safe.

If you would like to sign up for Artists Alley, please send an email to art@floridaanime.com with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A contact phone number
  • A website for your artwork (if any)

Once received, we will contact you within 72 hours with the password and website (URL) where you can pay and secure your spot online.