The Crossplay Contest

Florida Anime Experience is proud to present the return of the Crossplay Contest. Crossplay (a mix of “cross dressing” and “cosplay”) has always been a popular part of convention costume culture where attendees create and wear a costume featuring a character opposite of his/her gender. Our event is part costume contest and part RuPaul’s Drag Race – it’s as much fun for attendees as it is for those competing!

SIGN UP will take place Friday night at 6:00 PM in Main Events (Salon CD).

CONTEST will take place Friday night at 6:30 PM in Main Events (Salon CD).


1. You must have purchased an entry into Florida Anime Experience 2017 in order to enter/present on stage for the Crossplay Contest.

2. Male cosplayers must enter as a female character and female cosplayers must enter as a male

3. The Crossplay Contest is a family-oriented event. Please keep all costumes to a “PG-13″ rating (i.e. no nudity or overly revealing attire.)

4. All weapons and props must conform with Florida Anime Experience rules, convention center policies, and local laws concerning carrying a weapon. If there is a question of doubt, don’t bring it.

5. Please provide reference images of the character you are dressed as. We cannot guarantee the judges will know what your character looks like, so having something to compare to will help you as much as them! Please provide this image on a piece of paper to attach to your costume contest registration form.  No digital images (i.e. cell phones, iPads, portable computers, tablets, etc.) or books can be submitted for your reference image. Please print the picture out for the judges.

6. All entries must be sourced from a character from anime, manga, or video games of Japanese origin. This means “original characters” are not permitted in the contest.

7. Florida Anime Experience reserves the right to modify, update, or amend the rules at any time.



Almost The Best CROSSPLAYER (Runner Up)

Most A-MAZING MALE Crossplay