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Anime Music Videos

Florida Anime Experience 2017 will host an Anime Music Video contest.  Be sure to get you entries in!

Due to schedule limitations, we will host an AMV Showcase this year (2017) instead of a contest.  Sunday at 1:00 PM in Chibi Events (Salon E).


  1. Please submit your entries by April 14th at 11:59 pm. Late entries will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
  2. You can submit a MAXIMUM of three (3) entries
  3. Each entry should be limited to a a minimum length of one(1) minute and a maximum length of six(6) minutes. Also keep in mind that we will not take Multi-Editor Project sections or incomplete AMVs into consideration.
  4. Entries can not be smaller than 640×480 and should not run slower than 23.97 frames per second.
  5. Entries can be any format except RM, RAM, RA, MOV, WMV, or FLV.
  6. Footage used MUST BE from a Japanese-origin source! Final Fantasy is okay, Halo is not. Naruto is okay, but Ben 10 is not. You get the idea.
  7. DO NOT SUBMIT A VIDEO THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE YOURSELF! It should be a given, but AMV contests are an expression of each editor’s own vision and creativity. Please don’t pass something off as your own when it is not! However if you are part of a studio, you may submit AMV’s either as yourself or as the studio. You still can only have a combined number of 3 AMV’s between them.
  8. You do not have to be local to enter the The Florida Anime Experience Anime Music Video Contest, nor do you have to be present to win. However we do like having editors there in person! So if you can make it, great!
  9. No Sexual Content whatsoever – Some forms of brief nudity are acceptable (i.e. certain magical girl transformations), as long as it’s not too graphic.
  10. No overly excessive violence – This is referring to hardcore/gore violence. We know you sometimes can’t have a good action video without a good bit of violence, but keep the blood and gore to a minimum. Keep in mind that it is an “all ages” event.
  11. No foul language – If your song has a few bad words, we will take content into consideration. If we believe there’s too much foul language or if the song is too offensive, you will be notified.
  12. We reserve the right to reject or disqualify any entry for any reason; above rules are subject to change and will be applied equally to all submissions.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of three judges, all with differing backgrounds in the anime community. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

If you have any questions regarding your entry and the contents thereof, please notify us via email:


  • Submit your entries to our email:
  • Please (PLEASE) include the following in your email for your entry:
    • Your real name
    • Your editor/studio name
    • Preferred contact email address (so we can contact you if needed)
    • Source Footage Used (for our reference)
    • Source Audio Used (for our reference)
    • Whether you plan to attend Florida Anime Experience in person (not required to win or enter, just for our own reference)
  • You may submit your videos using a storage site (i.e. DropBox or via Google Drive) or even YouTube. We have the software to download footage from YouTube, so feel free to send us a link to you video that way if you’d prefer. As long as it meets the submission requirements above.
  • Each entry must have it’s own separate submission (no multiple links/files in one email)
  • If you wish to submit using storage sites, Google Drive and DropBox are preferred. has been problematic lately, but we’ll do our best to work with anything.

Have any questions regarding how to enter the contest, please contact us at

The Awards will be given in the following categories (subject to change depending on submissions and the coordinator’s whim)

  • Individual Judges Awards
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Drama
  • Best Action
  • Best Romance
  • Best in Show

AWARDS WILL BE ANNOUNCED Sunday at the convention at 2:00 PM in Main Events.

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