FEATURED TALENT: Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

AAAPodcastFrom AAAPodcast.com:

“One dark and rainy night Chiaki and Mitsugi sat together and decided to put together something awesome from their collective anime knowledge. A place where all anime fans can gather, belong, and talk about the best thing in their lives: Anime. What came to pass in the years to come was one of the most fun things they ever decided to do in their lives.

Founded in 2009, the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast and it’s hosts are dedicated to one thing: Making your anime addiction worse!

Watch us live, download our videos, chat on our forms, the A.A.A. is more than a show, it’s a community, and it’s dedicated to you.

We offer spoiler-free reviews, especially on new and current anime, because nothing is worse than having a great anime ruined to watch because the review spoiled it. We conduct in-depth discussions on all things anime, from symbolism, to cosplay, to starting your own anime club, anime fandoms, doujinshi, negitive stigmas, and everything in-between. We know you’re curious about what the best anime are each season, we also give you early impressions on the new anime seasons as they happen. Our podcast hosts have a collective knowledge of over 1,000 anime, have attended over 30 conventions, have a collective eight years of living in Japan and more!
So, isn’t it time you made your addiction worse? Attend one of our weekly podcast sessions today.”

We’re thrilled to welcome back Anime Addicts Anonymous to Florida Anime Experience!