The Florida Anime Experience Mech

481622_372543809518165_707246826_nIn 2010, Tom Croom and the team from Wasabi Anime (Green Mustard Entertainment) had started work on an anime convention to put “anime” back into the experience.  One of the first hurdles to overcome was the concept of theming.  Using the name as the driving force, Tom began brainstorming around the words “Florida” and “Anime”.  The result?

Surfing and mechs.

Tom reached out to local artist Marcus Grant to help bring this idea to fruition.  The idea of a surfing mech wasn’t something simple to make work, but Marcus did a great job of putting the idea to ink.  The result: our Year One mascot.


Since then, Marcus has provided over a dozen variations of this mech in line with each year’s convention theme.  His artwork has appeared in our advertising, convention badges, social media, and websites:

Mech3 Mech4 Mech9 Mech6 Mech12 Mech7 Mech5 Mech2 Mech8 Mech13  Mech10 Mech11

We’d like to take a moment to thank Marcus for his tireless dedication in helping us mold the identity of Florida Anime Experience.  Be sure to check out his booth at this year’s Artist Alley and look him up online via Facebook: