Paul Chapman Panel & Appearance Schedule

Paul Chapman

FRIDAY, 4:00 PM – Spooky! Yokai, Obake, and Other Creatures of Japanese Folklore
Japan is a country with a rich tradition of myths and folklore concerning ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night. Yokai and other mythological monsters are a popular subject for Japanese film and anime, and this panel, hosted by Paul Thomas Chapman (freelance writer for Otaku USA Magazine), will introduce you to some of the most famous examples.

SATURDAY, 3:00 PM – Kaiju-A-Go-Go with Paul Chapman
Men in rubber suits, plaster buildings, and more post-production lasers than you can shake a stick at! It’s Kaiju-a-Go-Go, a light-hearted look at the history of over sixty years of Japanese giant monster movies and their imitators from around the globe. Join Paul Thomas Chapman of the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast for this all-ages romp, and remember: Godzilla is serious business.

SATURDAY, 10:00 PM – SHH! (It’s a Ninja Panel) with Paul Chapman
From misunderstood folk heroes to cold blooded killers, there are countless stories depicting the legendary spies and assassins of feudal (and sometimes modern) Japan.  Paul Thomas Chapman, host of the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast, looks at how ninja, shinobi, and kunoichi stalk the shadows in movies, video games, and animation. Viewer discretion advised for violence, language, and/or brief ninja nudity.

SUNDAY, 3:30 PM – Tears of the Robot with Paul Chapman
Tears of the Robot is a sometimes humorous, sometimes bittersweet look at the depiction of robots, androids, and automatons in Japanese pop culture. Join Paul Thomas Chapman as he examines what makes their little mechanical hearts tick and why the robots laugh (and cry) in anime.