NEW GUEST! Daryl Surat – freelance writer for Otaku USA Magazine

Daryl Surat has been attending anime conventions for 15 years, doing panels at anime conventions for over 10 years, and writing for Otaku USA Magazine since its inception 6 years ago. Since 2005, he’s also been a host of the Anime World Order podcast, which won the Parsec Award for “Best Anime Podcast” in 2009. Despite being an anime fan for 21 years, he never saw himself as an “old man” until…just now, when he counted out those years. The whole “geek chic” movement came a little too late for him as Daryl’s an “otaku” in the old-fashioned sense, but he’s accumulated all sorts of knowledge about Japanese animation, action cinema from around the world, video games, and pro wrestling as a result. His goal, when not abusing Twitter’s Retweet button, is to pass some of this information on to YOU, intrepid con-goer, in the hopes of keeping the “maniac” otaku spirit alive!