FEATURED TALENT: Anime World Order Podcast

AWOIn 2005, a trio of anime fandom’s nerdiest (all conveniently located here in Central Florida) had the bright idea to start audio podcasting…the same year that Youtube launched. Oh sure, streaming Internet video reshaped our concepts of the Internet/celebrity/fandom/etc whereas syndicated on-demand audio became the realm of already-famous celebrities, but they’re still at it and are fine with the fact that their winning the Parsec Award for “Best Anime Podcast” caused the category to be permanently retired. In the meantime, Daryl Surat, Gerald Rathkolb, and Clarissa Graffeo continue to write, lecture, and do A/V presentations on Japanese animation, comics, pop culture, and general insanity for a variety of magazines, fanzines, websites, academia, DVD commentary tracks…and conventions like this one!

Be sure to check them out online at www.AWOPodcast.com.