Florida Anime Experience is now a part of MegaCon Orlando!

Dear Anime Fans:

When we launched Florida Anime Experience in 2011, it was with the goal of putting the “anime” back in anime conventions for the Sunshine State.  Each year we held true to that focus by allowing our presentation to be inspired by well known anime titles, both classic and contemporary: Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Space Dandy, Naruto, Psycho-Pass, and (in 2017) Sailor Moon Crystal.  Our programming reflected our goals by including panels and workshops about anime, manga, and Japanese culture in general.

We became “the anime convention about ANIME” and wore that label with pride.

This past summer our convention was offered an interesting proposition… to merge with another event.  Our concern in moving forward with this was obvious to anyone who has been to one of our conventions: Florida Anime Experience is different.  Our concepts, integrity to theming, and overall feel are an important part of what makes our show a unique piece of fandom in the Florida convention going community.

After months of negotiations, we reached an agreement with Informa Pop Culture Events, Inc. and, starting in 2018, Florida Anime Experience will now be integrated as a part of the annual MegaCon Orlando convention.  Our convention and it’s elements that fans have enjoyed for the past seven years will now be a section of MegaCon in the Orange County Convention Center similar to how “Tomorrowland” is a part of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO FOR YOU, THE FANS:  In short, a better Experience.  We (Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc. – the original parent company of Florida Anime Experience) are, as part of the acquisition agreement, continuing to run FAE.  Our event will now have even more space (the Orange County Convention Center!) and more resources (MegaCon!) for building Florida Anime Experience.

The same, but more – and (we hope) better.

So mark your calendars, folks.  2018 is going to be an amazing year!

-The Florida Anime Experience Production Team

NOTE: If you were a Lifetime Pass holder to Florida Anime Experience, don’t panic!  We’ve got you covered.  Watch for an email with details in January.