Hey #DIGIMON fans! Melodee M. Spevack (the voice of Lady Devimon and others!) is coming to Florida Anime Experience 2013!

Melodee’s career in anime began as a flying purple blob in the classic CAPTAIN HARLOCK and has stayed seriously eccentric. How else can you explain characters like Torpedo Girl (BOBOBO-BOBOBOBO), Rapunzel (MAR), Fat Chicken (LAST EXILE) or Bell (HARE+GUU)?

More serious roles like Julia (FIST OF THE NORTH STAR), Misae Ikari (PARANOIA AGENT), Derrida (ERGO PROXY), Sword (TEKNOMAN / TEKKAMAN BLADE), Lana Ines (ARGENTO SOMA), Merciful Goddess (SAIYUKI RELOAD/GUNLOCK) and Kamui (.HACK) have come her way as well as the oddly androgynous ones: VT (COWBOY BEBOP) and Kamatari Honjo (RUROUNI KENSHIN). Some of her favorites have been the deliciously evil bad girls like Lady Debonair (MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH) and Lady Devimon (DIGIMON). She also was DIGIMON’s Birdramon, Garudamon and Crusadermon among others.

Sci-fi fans have heard her in STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE as Commander Shran’s Andorian lieutenant, many voices in STARSHIP TROOPERS and several STAR TREK video games (some of which she also cast and co-directed). Her game credits include WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Ichoron, Queen Angerboda, Annhylde the Caller), the Warcraft expansion CATACLYSM (Aviana) and two new Warcraft projects yet to be released. Other games include DYNASTY WARRIORS, LOST ODYSSEY, PARAWORLD, MECH WARRIOR IV (as the evil Vanda Castro), SHADOW HEARTS: COVENANT and VAMPIRE; THE MASQUERADE.

Several of her all time favorite voice assignments included being Sigourney Weaver’s voice double in ALIEN: RESURRECTION as well of many of the Amazons and Banshees in both the HERCULES and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS series. Melodee also instructed several of the HERCULES guest stars in swordwork and archery.

For those who enjoy sci-fi web series, her live action character (alien Major Hemela Strayteb) in FRONTIER GUARD can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV04olCXXFI

And her scarlet alien crime lord Caeleno is introduced in the web series STAR TREK: HELENA CHRONICLES at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYAE8Xl9xpU

Have a look at: http://voiceactors.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/michael-mcconnohie-frontier-guard/

Melodee has been a VA since the days of classic anime (including ROBOTECH), an on-screen actress, a voice director, an associate producer, a stunt woman and combat coordinator. It’s been a wild ride and it’s still rolling right along…she’s been in MONSTER, LUE, SAKURA WARS: SO LONG MY LOVE, BLUE DRAGON and the feature film PAIN WITHIN. Listen for her as the voice of a possessed woman (and there’s a story behind this) in the Anthony Hopkins film THE RITE.

We’re thrilled to have Melodee join us this summer for the Experience!