FEATURED TALENT: #Cosplay Model Alexa Karii (@alexakarii)

Alexa Karii

Alexa Karii is an Artist, Model, and Cosplayer from Boston, MA. Her introduction into the world of specifically anime and manga can be accredited to the Anime Club of her High School. This continued to spark a level of creativity in the form of art, through her fondness of the character designs she encountered, and she began sketching. Her creativity was further perpetuated to delve into the realm of cosplay, and thus her first attempt was Misa Misa from Deathnote. Much of who she has become today was molded from her adoration of characters from these animated series. Today, she holds achievements of international publications in her modeling career and an arsenal of cosplay costumes. Being someone that openly struggles with social anxiety and PTSD, anime and cosplay has come to the fore as one of her greatest forms of therapy. She is excited to be able to share her love and passion with others in such a great community.

You can see more of her cosplay on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AlexaKarii