Anime3k Schedule at Florida Anime Experience 2015

Anime3000FRI 10:30 PM – A3K Dance Party (MAIN EVENTS)
It’s Friday night and you’re hanging with your friends, the only thing missing is a (drop the bass) DANCE PARTY! Join Mr. Russell from and listen to a crazy mix of songs from some of the hottest artists on the planet. Meet new friends and get the part started with your sickest moves. As an added bonus, join the live audience for a Mr. Russell video shoot and be part of history in the making.

SAT 4:00 PM – Anime Podcast Summit (CHIBI EVENTS)

SAT 6:30 PM – A3K Live – First Blood (CHIBI EVENTS)
A3k Live – First Blood:  Are you an anime expert?  Do you have some amazing and unique skill that’s being wasted on family dinners and talent shows?  Then this event is for you!  Join the team from Anime3000 as they pick audience members for chances to answer trivia questions, display amazing talents, and (most importantly) win cool prizes!  PLUS: we’ll be recording, so you could wind up on!

SAT 10:30 PM – Tokyo-3 Rave Style Dance Party (MAIN EVENTS)

SUN 2:30 PM – Not Another Clip Show (CHIBI EVENTS)
The show is not over folks! Join for a look at some of the highlights from this year’s Florida Anime Experience. See yourself on the big screen, play games and interact with members of the A3K Crew for a chance to win sick prizes. The cameras will be rolling, so make sure you bring the THUNDER.