We just want to say THANK YOU!!!

Wow… it’s been almost two weeks since we kicked off Florida Anime Experience 2012.  We’re still unpacking and getting things sorted, but we’d like to share a couple of things:

1. The convention grew!  We had more attendees in 2012 than in 2011.  We’ll post official numbers once we sort out all the paperwork.

2. Our dates for next year are May 24-26, 2013.

3. THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made our show a success.  We appreciate all the support for our “little convention that could.”

4. THANK YOU to our amazing, awesome, stupendous, all around fantastic guests: The AAA Podcast, Dan, Darrel, Jingoro, and Terri.

5. THANK YOU to the FAE 2012 Staff who made the whole show run:

  • Angie Duplis
  • Annie Mulligan
  • Bill Massey
  • Chance Lowenburg
  • Chris Duplis
  • Daniel Camacho-Sanchez
  • Dave Munn
  • Diane Hunnicutt
  • Dustin Cutler
  • Janice Nabbe
  • Jason Racine
  • Jessica Vargas
  • Jo Witherington
  • John Adams
  • John Reynolds
  • JT Gemborys
  • Kaleb Brooks
  • Katie Nabbe
  • Kaitlyn Plemmons
  • Ken Nabbe
  • Lyn Adams
  • Marcus Grant
  • Michael Short
  • Myna Branham
  • Ray Hunnicutt
  • Russell Westberry
  • Ryan Mulligan
  • Scott Rutherford
  • Shannon Croom
  • Susan Hicks
  • Tom Croom
  • Tom Nabbe
  • Tracy Hunnicutt

We’re proud to be Florida’s anime convention about anime and we appreciate all the love you’ve shown us!