The Event Has Started! READ THIS for things you want (and need) to know before coming!

The weekend is finally upon us… Florida Anime Experience Year 2 is ready to go!

Here are some important things you should know before stopping by to make your visit to our convention more enjoyable.  Please take a minute to read all the information below.  If you have a question, the odds are that it is probably be answered here.

1. How much is parking at the International Palms Resort?

Free.  There is no parking fee – but parking is limited.  There is a number of parking lots surrounding the resort if parking fills up that are a very short walk away.

2. What time does everything start/open?

You can find the complete schedule for each day by clicking this link:

3. I have another question…

Have you tried reading this first?

4. I *still* have another question…

Then try calling the Green Mustard Entertainment office at (407) 536-9272.  We’ll do out best to answer.

5. Don’t post questions on Facebook or email us during the show.

We probably won’t see them until after the weekend since we’re busy running events and stuff.  Please refer to #4 if you have a question.

6. If you’re using Twitter to talk about the show, use hashtag #FloridaAnime.

7. You can download the complete con guide on your phone before you come to the convention!

Go to the app store on your iPhone, Android, etc.  Download “Guidebook.”  Search for Florida Anime Experience 2012.  Download the guide.  CONGRATS!  You just helped save a tree.

You can also scan this QR code on the screen to save time:

8. Enjoy the convention!  We can’t wait to see you at Florida Anime Experience 2012!!!