PANEL: Punk meets Gothic meets Lolita

This panel is a chance to introduce one of Japan’s cultural movements. “Punk meets Gothic meets Lolita” is a tell all tail of a fashion movement that has been hitting the global. The panel introduces not only fashion for women but fashion for men as well. Giving the audiences a chance to show of there outfits and giving tips on how to get or make one of these cool fashions. “It is more then fashion it is more then a statement it is a movement.”- Nichole Aubain A. Punk, Gothic and Lolita seem to be a running theme in the anime and manga world from time to time and some how has become a fashion movement for all ages and genders. From the young women dressed in her Gothic dress to the young man in his Lolita outfit, the movement can be seen just about everywhere. Look and you just might see one of these beautiful outfits walk right by you. People who dress in these fashions have a attitude that draws even the timid of us to these walking living dolls.

Sunday at 3:00 PM in Chibi Events