Are you a former METROCON Mascot? We’d like to invite you to Florida Anime Experience!

The team from Wasabi Anime® got a couple of emails last week regarding a change in policy over at Tampa’s anime convention: Metrocon.  It seems that the Lifetime Admission Passes they issued as part of the compensation for being a mascot of their convention are no longer valid due to policy changes.

Many of the Florida Anime Experience management team have been supporting anime fandom in Florida dating back to the 1990s and we’re all huge supporters of those who contribute – past and present – to it’s continued success.  As a result, we’d like to see promises fulfilled to fans in the Sunshine State.

Thus, we are issuing Lifetime Admission Passes to all of the former (2003-2010) Metrocon Mascots to the Florida Anime Experience.  They are:

2010 – Samurai Mascots: Mary Dutcher and Tyler Walker / Ninja Mascots: Madison Bickel and Deandra Robinson
2009 – Fantasy vs Sci-Fi: Cris Colina, Flor Roche, Stephen Daniel, Megan MacNeel
2008 – Light vs Dark: Dani’elle “Dee” Umstead, Indra Rojas, Britani Farley, Jamie Rich
2007 – Anime vs Video Games: Katie Rempe, Suzy Burhow
2006 – Kawaii vs Kowai: Nikki Palmer, Janet Chiarolanza
2005 – Pirates vs Ninjas: Lyn Cherowbrier, Dani Mazo
2004 – Schoolgirls vs Catgirls: Hannah Lees
2003 – Andrea Zampella

Mascots should email or call the Green Mustard Entertainment office at (407) 536-9272 to make arrangements to collect their passes.

Thanks for all you’ve done to help anime convention fandom grow in Florida.  We sincerely appreciate all your hard work!

UPDATE: Please make sure you have your PHOTO ID with you when collecting your pass at Florida Anime Experience registration!