GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet the Voices from Sailor Moon Crystal!

That’s right… “voices”.

Florida Anime Experience 2017 will be inspired by the series Sailor Moon Crystal.  Our Media Guests will be, in a rare combined appearance, the voices of all five Sailor Scouts:

Sailor Jupiter: Amanda Miller

Sailor Venus: Cherami Leigh

Sailor Mars: Cristina Vee

Sailor Mercury: Kate Higgins

Sailor Moon: Stephanie Sheh

In addition to supplying the voices of the Scouts in the Sailor Moon Crystal, these are also the voices on the new re-dub of the classic series and movies.

BONUS: To celebrate meeting all FIVE Sailor Scouts, we’re going to offer an extra $5 off a 3-Day Pass to Florida Anime Experience until the end of the year!  Use Promo Code MOON to just click this link:

(Discount expires 12:01 AM on January 1, 2017… New Year’s Day)