Appearance Schedule: Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett is a popular artist, animator, and convention personality – and we’re trilled to host his first Orlando anime con appearance since JACON 2009 at this year’s Florida Anime Experience!  Here is his schedule for the weekend.  PLEASE NOTE: While we work to adhere to all posted schedule information, it is subject to change based on the needs of the event.  Check for updates once you get to the convention.

FRI 3:00 PM, Japan Stories! with Steve Bennett – MAIN EVENTS
Steve was born at Tachikawa Air Force Base in Tokyo, Japan. He later moved to the States, but in December, 2008, Steve and his wife Nikki moved back to Japan and only recently returned. Join Steve for an hour of tall tales and colorful adventures from his time living in the land of otaku.

FRI 6:30 PM, Cel Painting Workshop w/Steve Bennett! – MANGA LIBRARY/WORKSHOPS
Florida Anime Experience will provide the acrylic paint, brushes, cels, and supplies…and “Uncle” Steve Bennett! You provide the creativity. A staple of anime conventions in the early 2000s, Steve’s Cel Painting Workshop is part arts and crafts and part storytelling. Learn what it’s like to work in the classic (pre-CGI) animation industry as an artist! PREMIUM EVENT: Space is limited, and an additional ticket must be purchased in advance at Event Registration. (2 Hours)

SAT 3:00 PM, Anime Convention Stories! with Steve Bennett – CHIBI EVENTS
In 1994, Steve attended his first US convention–Katsucon 1. Since then, Steve has been a guest at dozens HUNDREDS of anime conventions all across the United States. Join him for an hour of stories about his over two decades on the anime convention circuit.

SAT 4:30 PM, Anime Industry Roundtable (Featuring the Guests of FAE 2016) – MAIN EVENTS
This is *the* panel to see at this year’s FAE! We have put together an ADR Director (Caitlin Glass), Animator (Steve Bennett), Distributor (Robert Woodhead), and Voice Actor (Kate Oxley) in a roundtable Q&A presentation about working in the various facets of the anime industry. Bring your questions!

SAT 8:00 PM, Costume Contest – MAIN EVENTS
Hosted by Steve Bennett!  The Florida Anime Experience Costume Contest is a chance for costume enthusiasts to show off their hard work and passion for dressing up like popular anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture inspired characters.

SUN 11:00 AM, Steve Bennett Q&A – MAIN EVENTS
Who is Steve Bennett? Why is he at this anime convention? What does he have to do with manga and Japanese animation? Are those rumors I read on the Internet true? ASK HIM YOURSELF! Join Steve for a Q&A session about his work in the industry, Japan, and whatever else comes to his mind Sunday morning at a con.