Added Events (Last Minute changes!)

Mech6FRI 7:00 PM – Lifetime Member Reception (Private Event, MANGA LIBRARY)
This is a private event for our Lifetime Members to say THANK YOU!  You must have a Lifetime Pass to Florida Anime Experience and there will be a list at the door.

FRI 1:00 PM – Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Meetup (MANGA LIBRARY)
SAT 5:00 PM – Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Meetup (MANGA LIBRARY)
SUN 1:00 PM – Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Meetup (MANGA LIBRARY)
Meet up once a day with other Nintendo 3DS players to collect puzzle pieces and partake in other Streetpass goodness.  TECHNOLOGY AND STUFF!

SAT 6:30 PM – Florida Fan Conventions Runners Reception (Private Event, MANGA LIBRARY)
Private event for invited runners of Florida’s other fan an pop culture conventions.  This will be our 3rd year hosting this.

SAT 8:30 PM – Drinking in Japan (21+ Panel, MANGA LIBRARY)
Drinking in Japan with Gary Holmes: Brewmaster from the Sanford Homebrew Shop.  Learn about everything from Beer to Sake as drinking in Japan is as much business as it is social!  There is event a bar in the panel!

SAT 1:00 PM – Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments hosted by Coliseum of Comics (MANGA LIBRARY)
Are you a tabletop gamer?  Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! finally come to Florida Anime Experience courtesy of Coliseum of Comics!  Participate in these FREE tournaments complete with prizes!

Additional Changes…

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be hosting a Maid Cafe this year.  New location, changes to format, blah, blah, blah.  The simple answer is that we take pride in how amazing our Maid Cafe has been, and we want to make sure it live up to the expectations we set last year.  The Maid Cafe will return in 2016.

It should also be noted that Envy Us Deviant will not be appearing as Featured Talent due to other commitments.

Any other updates regarding the event will be posted via our social media from here on out – so watch out Twitter and Facebook!