Instagram Contest Winners

CAzTR6MXIAAo124Wow!  Florida Anime Experience is almost here, and we’ve still got prizes to give away before the convention!

A few weeks back, we started a “what’s your favorite anime” contest on Instagram to break 500 followers – and you all did it!

(As of this writing, we’re at 523 followers… so yay!)

As promised, here are the winners.  We have followed each of them so if you read this – be sure to message us your address!

East of Eden Blue-ray: djkineticfl‘s favorite anime is Sword Art Online!

East of Eden DVD: reiratenshi_chan‘s favorite anime is Attack on Titan!

Bleach T-Shirt: yunique101‘s favorite anime is Cardcaptor Sakura!

Manga Without Borders (copy#1): cryssital‘s favorite anime is Sailor Moon!

Manga Without Borders (copy#2): the.luminator‘s favorite anime is Elemental Gelade!

Congrats to all our winners!