Orlando Kendo Club Live Demonstrations

KendoOrlando Kendo Club is a non-profit organization focused on spreading the art of kendo to the Central Florida area. Based on the traditional sword arts handed down for hundreds of years, kendo focuses on vigorous training of the body and mind to instill discipline and strength. Between the kata rooted in the kenjustu schools in the samurai era and the modern shinai practice first started in the eighteenth century, kendo keeps the fighting spirit of the sword alive in dramatic form. Orlando Kendo Club helps bring this ancient art to the Orlando area, providing group lessons to its members with the assistance of its senior members and head instructor, Yukawa-sensei, 5th Dan. Its members have participated in both local and regional tournaments here, South America, and Japan and have prepared a special demonstration so everyone can enjoy all the aspects of this explosive art.

FRI 1:30 PM – Orlando Kendo Club Live Demonstration (MAIN EVENTS)

SUN 2:00 PM – Orlando Kendo Club Live Demonstration (MAIN EVENTS)