Special Presentation: Religion in Anime with Pastor Tony from Sanctuary Church Orlando

17014_541415752539729_208807218_nAs any well versed anime fan will tell you, Neon Genesis Evangelion (and the subsequent movies) are ubiquitous with religious symbolism – specifically Christianity and old Hebrew.

Student Ministry and LifeGroups pastor Tony Talavera from Sanctuary Church has spent the months leading up to this convention watching not only all of the Evangelion television series, but also the new movies (1.11 and 2.22).

Join this discussion about Angels and Evas and how Hideaki Anno and his team managed to infuse one of the greatest anime of all time with meaning and symbolism from one of the largest religions in the world.

This is THE must see panel at Florida Anime Experience 2015 for Evangelion fans!

SAT 5:30 PM – Religion in Anime (MAIN EVENTS)