SSAA Podcast Panels

ssaapodcastSAT 4:00 PM – Anime Podcast Summit (CHIBI EVENTS) – 90 Minutes

SAT 8:00 PM – Just A Gintama Panel (PANELS)
Heard of Gintama? Wondered what the heavy upswell of murmurs on the Internet was about? Intrigued about the large crowds of fans? No? Excellent, this panel is for you. The crew of Ass Backwards Anime Podcast are here to tell you why this cast of clearly insane people are worth every bit of your time. Come and see why this hidden gem from the Shonen Jump catalog is not just one series, it’s every series. JUST DO IT!

SUN 3:30 PM – We Love Drama (CHIBI EVENTS)
Anime has allowed us to get to know other forms of entertainment outside of our country, but not every form of entertainment is animated. You can’t expect everyone in Japan to watching cartoons all day. The Ass Backwards Anime Podcast is here to some of the best (in our opinion) live-action dramas Japan has to offer. Even though we are an anime podcast, we love drama.