Anime America Schedule at Florida Anime Experience

Anime AmericaFRI 9:00 PM – Top 32 Sexy Men and Women of Anime Panel (CHIBI EVENTS)
The popular YouTube competition has a panel! Join the cast and crew of the Anime America Podcast as they go behind the scenes of this sexy competition. Yes this is a PG-13 presentation.

SAT 11:00 AM – AMV Showcase (MAIN EVENTS)
Join Anime America as they show off the entries from this year’s Anime Music Video Contest PLUS other great gems you won’t want to miss!

SAT 1:00 PM – Best and Worst Anime of 2014 (CHIBI EVENTS)
Want to know what was the best and worst anime of 2014? Join the cast of the Anime America Podcast as they reveal their choices of the best anime by genre as well as the worst titles of the year.

SAT 4:00 PM – Anime Podcast Summit (CHIBI EVENTS) – 90 Minutes

SUN 11:00 AM – Anime Name That Tune! (PANELS)
Do you know your anime music? Show us what you know and name that tune!  (Hosted by the Anime America Podcast)

SUN 4:00 PM – AMV Contest (MAIN EVENTS)
See the winners of this year’s Anime Music Video contest.  You know, the contest where folks edit cool anime to really cool music which makes you love the anime and music even more…

except for the 1,000s of Linkin Park/DBZ videos.

(You get the point.)

BUT ANYWAY – check out these AMVs!