Orange Anime Panels

Orange AnimeFRI 3:00 PM – Orange Anime’s Name That Tune (CHIBI EVENTS)
Fancy yourself a tune aficionado? Always had the mutant ability of guessing theme songs by hearing nothing more than a single note? Well then come test your skills while we blast your favorite themes at your ear holes. If that does not apply, still come! We enjoy your company!

FRI 7:30 PM – Magical Girls: Then and Now (PANELS)
A history lesson on everybody’s favorite type of girls….and guys, as we discover origins of where they all started and how they changed over the years. (Panel rated PG-13)

SAT 9:00 PM – Super High-School Level: Dangan Ronpa Panel (PANELS)
Ever wonder what Dangan Ronpa is all about, well there’s the panel just for you. Discover more about the popular murder mystery game and so much more.

*Spoilers Ahoy*