Maids & Existing Maid Cafes! Here’s Your Chance to Be a Part of Something New!

maidIn 2013, Florida Anime Experience helped design a 100% authentic maid cafe experience and we brought in the maids from Cafe Peko Peko to be a part of it.  Last year, we had one of our staffers helm a new upgraded version called Maid Cafe Latte. This year, we have all the tools and resources to run the cafe, but (at the same time) we have heard from about four different maid cafes offering to come in and host.

The solution?  We are going to launch Maid Cafe Mikkusu and retcon Cafe Peko Peko and Maid Cafe Latte into it.  “Mikkusu” is the Japanese word for mix/mixture – and we’ve decided to invite maids from other maid cafes to be a part of this year’s Maid Cafe Mikkusu.  All approved maids would be granted information on how to operate in the cafe and (our hope) is that each one will walk away with a greater understanding of authentic Japanese maid cafes AND have a great time doing it.

Once you have been a part of Maid Cafe Mikkusu – then you will always be a part of it. (Similar to how singers in AKB48 are always a part of the group, but some are listed as “retired”.) Each maid retains her identity for her own maid cafe, but she is also a part of this collective group going forward.  This concept also allows other maid cafes to promote their own brands since the maid will appear in the cafe in her own uniform – creating a “mix of maids” in each cafe.


This also grants enthusiasts the chance to appear as a single maid if this is something they have always wanted to try.

If you (or your maid cafe) are interested in being a part of this new project – email us!