Black StarBefore Black Star was born, the team attended conventions throughout the U.S. for years; they’ve seen hundreds of anime and now want to spread their enthusiasm for anime to everyone. Black Star Anime has hosted anime panels, anime nights, started even started their own line of anime apparel.

Most recently, Black Star Anime has gone to YouTube to share their passion for anime with the world.  On the Black Star Anime web show, they really love to talk about every aspect of anime. For example. they have a segment titled “This week in Anime” – dedicated to keeping the community up to date with anime news.  Another great piece fans enjoy is titled “Life Lessons” and it’s all about the stuff the BSA staff have learned about life… from anime.  In addition, every season they do an episode discussing what new anime are airing, what they are about, and what their first impression of each series is.

The Black Star Anime web show has a quickly growing audience, and they’re thrilled to share their passion at this year’s Florida Anime Experience.  Be sure to check the out on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBlackStarAnime/