NEXT WEEKEND! Join Wasabi Anime at SwampCon (@Swamp_Con) in Gainesville. (It’s FREE!)

scWhen was the last time you went to a convention for FREE?  Well, students at the University of Florida have made that happen for Central and North Florida fans with SwampCon. From their website:

“SwampCon is a multi-genre convention for all ages hosted at the University of Florida and held in the Student Reitz Union. For three years, University of Florida students, representing several student organizations, organize the annual convention. It is a free convention featuring a combination of Anime, Gaming, and Sci-Fi themed events. This year, the fourth year, SwampCon and its staff will continue to provide exceptional entertainment for fans and first-time attendees alike.

First started in 2011 by the UF Delta Nu Delta Tabletop Gaming Club, Gator Anime Club and Science Fiction Consortium, SwampCon has tripled its attendance over the years. Every year, SwampCon has strived to grow and evolve its programming to better provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all of its attendees.”

This year, our team from Wasabi Anime® will be there hosting a table promoting Florida Anime Experience 2015 (two words: discount tickets!) and hosting panels.  Here’s the panel schedule for our team… you won’t want to miss them!


ohno7:00 PM Ohno Buffalo! Book Reading with Author (Panel Room 3)
Join celebrated author and artist “Tentacle” Chris Duplis as he shares his first book: A Far Off Light. Regarding the book itself: It’s rather small at the moment (sort of like Ohno) but in time it will grow with new adventures and be full of tales to share with your family and friends. You can learn more at

8:00 PM Anime Retro! (Guest Panels)
Join Ryan from the wonderful world of Wasabi Anime® as he walks your down memory lane (or takes you on a tour of pre-history – depending on your age) by showing openings and clips from the early era of popular anime. It’s like watching old VHS in your parent’s living room, but with digital and stuff!

wasabi_starbucks9:00 PM Anime Name That Tune! (Guest Panels)
Anime Name That Tune has been a popular convention event long before Wasabi Anime® was around, but we’re worked hard to compile and organize hundreds of songs from well known Japanese films and television shows of the animated persuasion. And yes: THERE ARE PRIZES!


11:00 AM Transformers: G1, Animated, & Bayformers! (Weimer 1074/1076)
Tentacle Chris and Ryan from Wasabi Anime® talk about giant robots that turn into cars and trucks and how amazing they are when Hollywood hasn’t filled them full of explodium and turned them into cold blooded killers. Join the discussion about the highs and lows of this amazing franchise.