Florida Anime Experience 2012 AMV Contest Registration is open!

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 13, 2012. Unless prior arrangements have been made, all uploads must be completed by this time.

The Florida Anime Experience Anime Music Video contest operates at the discretion of Wasabi Anime staff. Rules and schedules are subject to change without notice.  Category and Award descriptions included here are guidelines only.  Staff may add, change or eliminate categories as they see fit.  Awards have no significant cash value.  Awards may, indeed, have no tangible value whatsoever.  By submitting a video, the video editor grants Florida Anime Experience and Wasabi Anime non-revocable permission to exhibit and distribute their work.  The video editor otherwise retains all rights and responsibilities relating to the work. Any artistic or other rights involved remain with the original rights-holder.

Read the complete rules herehttp://www.floridaanime.com/contests/amv

Submit your video here: http://floridaanime.amvcontest.com

Questions? AFTER You read the complete rules, email floridaanime@amvcontest.com

Check out the Florida Anime Experience 2011 Best Drama Winner: