Florida Anime Experience has a new website!

In 2012, we expanded our website (and the website of our other Green Mustard Entertainment conventions) to “keep up with the times” and include more online details leading up to the convention.  Since then, the usage of Internet on cell phones has grown significantly – so we’ve decided to adapt again to accommodate our mobile users.

screenshotThe new website is designed to be a single flow of all the key information made available on the first page: Event specs, ticket purchasing, hotel room reservations, guests, news updates, etc.  The coding for this format, though, allows for automatic compression of that same info into a smaller flow pattern.  In English: the website knows when you are viewing it on your cell phone and changes the format to fit your phone.  (Click the photo to the right to see what we’re talking about.)

Ain’t technology grand?

THAT SAID – it’s a new site, and we’re still looking for breaks/mistakes.  If you see one, please let us know!  Shoot an email to contact@greenmustard.com and with your observations.  We have always appreciated the feedback.

With this major upgrade to our key communications tool in place, we look forward to getting you a lot of updates about our forthcoming event.

Arigatou gozaimasu.