Alexa Karii’s Schedule at Florida Anime Experience 2014

SATURDAY, 2:00 PM – Cosplay 101 with Alexa Karii (Panels)

Learn the basics of cosplay! From choosing a character to finishing your first cosplay. Learn time saving tips and tricks, budgeting skills,how to create patterns, basic armor making and Q&A about anything specific you might be dying to know.

SATURDAY, 8:00 PM – The Florida Anime Experience Costume Contest as a Judge (Main Events)

SUNDAY, 12:30 PM – Embracing a Character: Art of Therapeutic Cosplay (Panels)
Find out how to transform a popular hobby into a way to embrace your own insecurities. Learn how to use costumes and your love of characters to help over come social issues. talk and disscus about the many ways to approach costumes and your love for anime/manga to break out of your shell. Come relax and hang out and get to know a bit more about how I have found a new way to cosplay!

SUNDAY, 2:30 PM – The Florida Anime Experience Cosplay Contest as a Judge (Main Events)

Alexa will also have a table in the Vendors Room on Saturday and Sunday.

NOTE: Alexa will not be available at the convention on Friday.