FEATURED TALENT: Anime Spot (@AnimeSpotUCF) is coming to #FloridaAnimeExperience

Anime Spot UCF

The powerhouse club behind KnightroKon, Anime Spot is the University of Central Florida’s official anime club.  They hold meetings regularly each semester and host one of Orlando’s newest anime and video game conventions in their spare time!  Follow them on Twitter or check them out on their official website: www.AnimeSpotUCF.com.

Anime Spot will have a booth in the Vendors Room and will host panels throughout the weekend.  (Details coming soon).

VENDORS AND ARTISTS! Anime Spot’s convention, Knightrokon, still has spots available.  You can find details on their website…

  • http://www.knightrokon.com/artists
  • http://www.knightrokon.com/vendors