Fan and Fandom Panels at this year’s Florida Anime Experience. Check ’em out!

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12:30 PM – Wasabi Anime Goes to Japan (90 Minutes) [Chibi Events] Photos and stories of Japan from a geek’s point of view. Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, & more Prizes for audience participation!

2:00 PM – Research Before You Sew (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] This panel covers Tips and Tricks on how to bring your cosplay to life though proper researching. The panel will cover getting costumes Historically accurate, Fabric choices, sewing techniques, Character Classes/Personalities and how to get the right Reference images to complete the look.

6:30 PM – Akatsuki Tails: Behind The Scenes Of The Akatsuki Way (60 minutes) [Panels Room] Have you ever thought what’s a regular day for the Akatsuki members or what is brought up during one of their meetings? Then come and join the Akatsuki during their daily routines and witness how they really are!

7:00 PM – Gundam, The Future (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] Year 3 and going strong! This panel will be about the current state of Gundam, and how it has evolved over the years, as well as where Gundam is headed.


11:00 AM – The Gaijin’s Guide to Travelling in Japan and Attending Comiket (60 minutes) [Main Events] Join Chris and Dave with Kazame Networks as they discuss with you the finer points of travel to Japan that us gaijin might not normally think of, but are nonetheless important to consider when visiting the land of moonrunes and cigarette vending machines. We’ll give you a rundown from start to finish with things such as planning, packing, making reservations, what to expect when in Japan, as well as things that we learned the hard way. We’ll also have a section on attending the Comic Market (aka Comiket). If you’re interested in attending Comiket and/or just travelling to Japan this will be a very informative session!

11:00 AM – Taking the Cost out of Costuming (60 minutes) [Panels Room] This panel will cover Tips and Tricks on how to save on your costumes. Tips on how to find deals on fabrics, Going Green with Prop making, and learning how to Budget.

11:30 AM – Short Anime: < 15 Minutes to Awesome (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] With so much media and so little time, introducing new fans to anime is becoming harder than ever. Among existing fans the “first volume test” and “3 episode test” has given way to the “1 episode test”…if that! Sound like your life? Fear not, for there IS a solution: short anime! Daryl Surat of Otaku USA magazine and the Anime World Order podcast ( has assembled an introductory collection of “bite-sized” Japanese animated works, ranging from artistic anthology pieces to surreal comedies and original animated music videos. If you want to see the widest variety of what anime has to offer in the shortest amount of time, this is the way to do it. Hosted by Daryl Surat.

12:00 PM – Akatsuki ASHUTAKO! Reviews… (60 minutes) [Panels Room] “well for everytime i host a panel i review a ceratin anime media topic, this year its a surprise”

1:00 PM – Toku Platter: A Sampler Plate (60 minutes) [Main Events] Toku Platter is an introductory course in Japanese Live Action Special Effects Dramas or Tokusatsu. Join us for a journey from the first Kaiju films like Godzilla to the movie that features over 200 Power Rangers. 60 Years in 60 minutes. We’ll be looking at all the major Japanese franchises in the Tokusatsu genre. This sampler platter of Toku goodness should help you find the series or franchise that is right for you. A service brought to you by Anime Festival Orlando!

1:00 PM – Great Anime Never Released in the US (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] English-translated episodes of new anime are available within hours of Japanese broadcast. But is that for all the anime, or even all the “good” anime? Not by a longshot! There are several great titles, both from years past and airing RIGHT NOW, that never made it stateside, and Daryl Surat (Otaku USA magazine, Anime World Order podcast) has cherry-picked a few. Don’t worry ‘Techies, we’ll try not to hate on Harmony Gold the ENTIRE time!

3:30 PM – Anime Match Game (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] Join us for an Anime Match Game Show! Lots of laughs will be had as you try to match answers with our “celebrity” panel of characters. There will also be prizes! Everyone loves prizes and free stuff!

4:30 PM – Otaku USA Magazine’s Anime Worth Watching (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] In this era of media super-saturation, “what should I watch now?” is the question on everybody’s minds. Perhaps “anime” isn’t necessarily your most frequent answer, because all it does is lead to asking “well, which anime should I watch?” Lucky for you Otaku USA magazine has been answering that question for over 6 years, and writer Daryl Surat has brought selections from a variety of titles. The genres may be varied, but all were chosen as “recommended” so if you just don’t know what to watch, start here.

4:30 PM – Sailor Moon: Disneyfied Edition (60 minutes) [Panels Room] Remember ‘Saban Moon’? Antibishonen has the nerve to release the ‘Negaverse’ by having you create a Disney version of ‘Sailor Moon’!

6:30 PM – Pokemon Card Meetup! (60 minutes) [Panels Room] Open trading. Bring your cards!

7:00 PM – Anime and Old Hollywood (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] Chances are there are people here who aren’t fans of Japanese pop culture, just as there are people here who are only fans of Japanese pop culture. Anime seems so different from western entertainment. However, you can find similarities between popular Japanese titles and even old Hollywood films from the 1930s to early 1970s. Even though old Hollywood films may not have giant robots, energy fights, or catgirls, there are some old films that do contain popular elements of anime storytelling. So if you are interested in expanding your cultural horizons, then please stop by and hopefully you’ll be able to find some good starting points.

8:00 PM – Paul’s Awesome Anime Theater: Fist of the North Star (2 hours) [Chibi Events] A presentation of an awesome anime film featuring live commentary by Paul and his guest panelists. This evening’s offering? Fist of the North Star.

8:00 PM – Cosplay is NOT Consent Panel (60 minutes) [Panels Room] The culture of Cosplay is one of fun, creativity, and mutual respect. Unfortunately, not every fan adheres to the “respect” part. Cosplay is NOT Consent – and cosplayers who dress in (sometimes) revealing costumes should not accept inappropriate behavior from their peers. Join us for a mediated discussion with fellow cosplayers regarding this topical subject. Speak out; speak up; and help keep cosplay comfortable and fun! Presented by

11:00 PM – Smoke & Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk in Anime (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] Cyberpunk is dead, but it won’t lie down. Come explore the “high tech, low life” science fiction subgenre and its expression in anime. Dystopic landscapes, cyber-surgery, and maniacal mega-corporations await.

11:00 PM – Panel About Nothing (60 minutes-ish) [Panels Room] WOLVES (and stuff.)


11:00 AM – Giant Robo (and Other Anime That Doesn’t Suck) with Joey Snackpants (60 Minutes) [Main Events] Let’s face it: there’s a LOT of bad anime out there. Ever since Japanese animated entertainment stopped being a niche (i.e. art house theaters and swapping fansubs with friends) and became mainstream (i.e. you can buy hundreds of titles at Best Buy) the market has become saturated with too much to choose from. So what makes a good anime title and what titles are worth your time? Join opinionated convention personality and blogger Joey Snackpants as he takes you on a tour of anime titles that not only “look pretty” but also deliver in the departments of character, plot and story. Joey knows your time is almost as valuable as his, so he’s willing to show you anime worth watching that doesn’t suck.

11:30 AM – 100 Years of Anime: A Brief Overview (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] 2013 marks the 50th year of anime being on television, but why stop there? Before “anime” was even a word, decades worth of Japanese animation had been produced on film and we’ve got the videos to prove it! Daryl Surat of Otaku USA magazine and the Anime World Order podcast ( has only been alive for a third of it, but he’ll do his best to summarize nearly a century of history in under an hour!

11:30 AM – Penguindrum Fan (or not?) Panel (60 Minutes) [Panels Room] The latest anime from Utena scribe Kunihiko Ikuhara draws some strong opinions. Join the discussion.

12:00 PM – Hobbit-free Fetch Quest: Fantasy in Anime (60 minutes) [Main Events] Few genres are as rich and varied as the fantasy genre, and anime is brimming with features that are fantastical and strange. Join Paul as he examines examples of the various flavors of fantasy found in the anime medium. And whatever you do, don’t tell the elf.

12:30 PM – Dangan Ronpa School Trial! (60 minutes) [Panels Room] It’s open house night at Hope’s Peak Acadamy! Time to ask some of the students in Dangan Ronpa those questions you had but never could ask, and then finish up with a mock School Trial… You’d better be ready, because it’s a panel of Hope and DESPAIR!

1:30 PM – Tears of the Robot: Anime Edition (2 hours) [Chibi Events] A humorous and bittersweet look at the depiction of automatons, robots, cyborgs, and androids in Japanese animation. Come learn why the robots cry. Are they shedding tears of anguish, or tears of joy?

1:30 PM – Tentacle Chris & WasabiGirl’s Cosplay Panel of AWESOME! (1 hour) [Main Events] With over twenty years (combined) of cosplay adventures, these two talk to you about competing, weight loss, and how to get the most out of your convention costuming experience.

2:00 PM – Legend of the Galactic Heroes : History’s Future (60 minutes) [Panels Room] “In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.” In 1988, The Anime adaptation of the novel by Yoshiki Tanaka changed not only the space opera genre, but defined it for over a decade, while raising the bar for all anime to follow. Come and discuss the philosophy, politics, and religion of this timeless show with Ben and Craig from the Gundam Panel.
This panel is intended to be a mature discussion of the show’s characters, plot, and message. There will be HEAVY SPOILERS.

3:30 PM – The Graveyard of US Anime Home Video Companies (60 minutes) [Chibi Events] For over a quarter of a century, many have tried to sell Japanese animation in America. Today, the amount of surviving anime companies is few enough to be counted on one hand…and the best one consists of like, two guys out around Altamonte Springs! How did we come to this? Daryl Surat (Otaku USA magazine, Anime World Order podcast) exhumes the mass grave of companies dearly departed from this anime realm to take a look at moments of their past glory…and what practices and releases got them here in the first place!

Florida Anime Experience YEAR 3!
Florida Anime Experience YEAR 3!