Florida Anime Experience

Started in 2011, Florida Anime Experience is a pop culture event designed to focus exclusively on anime, manga, and Japanese culture. FAE stands out from other similar Florida conventions because of its strict adherence to its theme. Many anime conventions in and around Florida have, in recent years, diluted themselves by incorporating elements of American comic books, science fiction, steampunk, and video games to create “crossover appeal” in fandoms.

We’ve opted to do it differently.

Since our launch, we’ve remained true to our vision by bringing in Guests and Featured Talent in accordance with our fandom focus. The Florida Anime Experience team has worked hard to design an anime convention that caters to fans of classic movies, OVAs, and TV series along with newer titles for younger otaku. In YEAR ONE, we were proud to bring the voice of Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel to Florida: Steve Blum.

For YEAR TWO, we were honored with an amazing accomplishment in anime fandom: Terri Hawkes, the English speaking voice of Sailor Moon for the largest portion of the original American series run, made her first ever anime convention appearance in the United States at FAE.

In YEAR THREE, we themed our convention around one of the most popular anime of all time – Naruto. Our guest of honor was none other than the voice of the lead character himself: Maile Flanagan.

Shinichirō Watanabe:’s Space Dandy became the theme for YEAR FOUR with the addition of voice actor Ian Sinclair.

In 2015, YEAR FIVE, we’ve selected one of the most influential anime of all time for our theme: Neon Genesis Evangelion.  We’re proud to offer four Guests of Honor to celebrate that theme: Spike Spencer (the voice of Shinji), Tiffany Grant (the voice of Asuka), Brina Palencia (the voice of Rei), and Trina Nishimura (the voice of Mari).

Florida Anime Experience… putting “ANIME” back into anime conventions!